5 Shows To Binge-Watch During Bad Weather

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It’s 2017 guys and we cannot live without Netflix. It makes everyone happy and it has become an acceptable excuse to not get out of the house. Like, I can’t go out today because I have to see the last episode of my current obsession. Or am I the only one doing it ?

Anyways, we are giving you an exclusive list of shows you should binge watch when it’s raining, snowing or just because you want to.

Master Of None 

The show stares the life of a thirty-something actor living in New York. In my case, it had me at New York. Dev comes from an Indian family but has lot his roots over the years and he’s trying to reconnect now. This real foodie will take you all over the city indulging himself while trying to step up his acting and dating games. It’s fresh, shows A LOT of food and  it’s really funny.

Frankie & Gracie

Two sisty-something ladies moved together, after divorcing their husbands. The respective husbands are now married with each other, after being lovers for 30 years. Their lives are completely turned upside down. Frankie and Gracie are truly opposites. Frankie is free and very bohème. Gracie used to run her own company. Frankie wants Gracie to be more…Frankie. And vice-versa. It’s really funny to see how they adapt to each other and they learn to love everything that they detested before. Even in your sixties, you can change your mindset ! And have fun while doing it…

Gilmore Girls 

The story about a single mom, Lorelai, raising her teenage daughter, Rory living in a small town, Star Hallows,  in Connecticut. Seven seasons of family drama, teenage romance and friendships (and watching Lorelai and Rory eat like no one’s watching). A new sequel “A Year in the Life” was aired this year and it’s more dramatic than ever.

White Collar

It’s about the partnership between Special Agent Burke and a (very handsome) con-artist, Neal Caffrey. Neal is every girl’s dream, if you don’t mind he’s a con. We can forget this part. He’s been pursued by the FBI for years until they agree that, in exchange for his freedom, Neal will consult the FBI in all white-collar matters.


Of course you’ve seen all the episodes from Friends a million times. But, it never gets old. Rachel and Ross are timeless. Chandler’s love for Monica, even when she’s just a little bit crazy, is so cute. And, Phoebe with all her not so relatable jokes. It’s perfect for a Sunday rainy morning when you want to watch something but don’t feel like starting a show. You’ll have romance, friendship and most importantly, you’ll laugh.

If you’re not going on holidays, you know what to do now. What is current binge-obsession?

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