The best and most diverse pizza places in Lausanne

We made a wager in the office in saying that Lausanne has lots of great places for pizza lovers and also very diverse ones. It has pizza for all tastes! Some voted for a single place as being the greatest, while others brought various other names on the table. So here is a collection of 5 places we have tested and loved and we offer you the pluses and minuses for them all. The order in which we present these to you is the order in which we savoured our pizzas, in the place or for take-away.

1 . The Pavillon – The Pavillion located in Riponne in Lausanne offers a few various types of pizzas, but not enough variety after my taste, but all 6 or 7 of them are very, very Service is as usual, fast and very friendly and you are seated on a beautiful day on the terrace full of people and buzzing of life. Pizza is great here, with a very fine crust and deliciously crunchy. The best pizza in town some would say! I must say, I tend to agree with them.

2 . Fratelli E Napule – Another well famed place in Lausanne, with great Italian pizza and home delivery is Fratelli E Napule! What more do you need? It offers two different sizes of pizza, enough for any gourmand, and a large selection of classic pizzas. The choice of pizzas is very classic, from margherita, Napoli to 4 stagioni and 4 formaggi. If you order your pizza, you will get it in roughly 30-45 minutes, depending on where you live.

3 . PzPizza – PzPizza is another favourite of ours, also because our office is super close to it and because we can really create our own pizzas. You can choose the base, the sauce you want on top and all the ingredients you want to have on top of it which is perfect for the picky ones. The shape is more oval than round which also makes it unique. I don’t think we have any other like this on the market.

pizza places in Lausanne

4 . Chez Mario – If you haven’t had enough pizza yet, here we come with our fourth favourite: Chez Mario. The place is quite crazy, with tons of writing on the wall made by guests. The service is very chill and a la Italien, if you wish. People yell at each other, they laugh and make jokes while you order, but pizza is great. Sizes are quite big, the variety quite large. Apart from classic Italian pizzas, you get a few options the restaurant proposes. The cool thing about this place is that you can see the pizzaiolo and the oven as you go on and can witness your pizza from start until it is on your table. It’s difficult to find the place if you don’t know you have to look up for their logo as you walk on rue de Bourg.

5 . Luigia – Last but not the worst, is Luigia. New place on our list and we must admit, it was difficult to give up our usual places to try new ones, but art demands sacrifices. So here we are sacrificing ourselves, once more, for love of pizza! The decoration does not tell you much, but the pizza! Oh the pizza. They make a thin crust pizza and you can even see where they make it. Lots of choices and amazing service, they parla with you in italiano! Amazing!

If you love pizza as much as we do, we would love to hear which is your favourite place and what places we have missed from this list.

Bon App!


Text by: Magda Oltean

Photographs by Magda & Mora

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