An Intense Hair Treatment with Phibio

The search for a hair product that fits your needs is long and tedious, to say the least. There are thousands of products out there.

Plus, we are becoming more and more conscious about what we put into our bodies. We don’t want to put any chemical product that swears to be good for our hair. But, we still want to look beautiful. A good, healthy hair helps us feel this way.

intense hair treatment

Lucky for us, Phibio is a new natural 100% organic product in the market that has a great team behind doing research for us and our hair. Naturally, we had to try it out! They invited us to spend an amazing day at Sérail de Jade in Rue de Bourg, Lausanne (amazing team, by the way !) to an intense hair treatment.

It all starts with great hair massages (that’s a thing) while they apply the product in your hair, from the roots to the ends for about 20 minutes. Then, it keeps getting better! Hammam time! The vape of the hammam helps penetrate the product more easily. I’m already feeling my hair softer (although, I wasn’t really allowed to touch it). To take the product off, it is better if you use a natural shampoo, since we’re in that vibe. I got my hair washed and dried. I’m not exaggerating when I say it looked and felt like a new born baby. Brilliant, soft and just awesome !

However, we don’t always have the time to spend an entire morning at the spa. But, don’t worry! You can also use Phibio at home. You put it yourself and then tie up your hair. The best time to do it is before going to bed because the product will react for an entire night. Beauty sleep and beauty hair in the same night ? We’re in !

Having a lot and thick hair makes me cautious about products that aren’t specifically made for this kind of texture. But, I was happily surprised by this experience. And I would definitely try it again at home.

The best part? Phibio embraces every kind of texture and hair problems. From curly to straight, to frizzy, dehydrated, damaged, all of them! So, go get it! You can thank me later for changing your life (or at least, giving your hair some life).

Stay tuned because they’re working on a shampoo!

Text by: Mora

Pics by: Jagoda 

Thank you to Phibio and Serail de Jade for having us!


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