SPA Day at Level 4

Our job is awesome. I can’t call it any way else. When you get to meet interesting people and learn about loads of new businesses in the area, some cool, some normal, some that not even need to be mentioned, life is awesome. You get to be the first to try different new services and products, chit chat and look great at all times. Well almost. But hey, we really cannot complain.

On one of our out of the office days we went to Best Western in Chavannes to try their newly redecorated spa, Level4. Thank God for GPS as we would have driven along the pretty green roads for ever until we got to the hotel. I guess the place has its charm and we were just about to understand.

Sophie welcomed us at the spa and showed us around. Didn’t get to take two steps, when we saw it. THE VIEW guys! OMG. Amazing, amazing scenery. You could even see the jet d’eau from Geneva. We were also lucky enough to go there on an amazing sunny day. We were sat in the lounge area, a beautiful turquoise furniture. We chatted and learnt all about the business from Sophie and were super excited to see how things have improved from the last we heard of it.

We then tool the grand tour of the facilities. The décor follows in the same lines as the lounge and welcomes you into a cosy spa area and a wonderful terrace with two outdoor Jacuzzis made in wood. Incredible! We immediately wanted the same in the office. We are still trying to persuade the Regie to let us do it. But hey, one can keep dreaming!

It was then time to try our pedispa and massages. While getting your pedispa done (scrub, massage and cutting the cuticulae) you could have fun with their amazing massage chairs. This chair was not joking with the massage. So you are all relaxed with Sophie telling you various stories… until you are woken by the harsh reality. It’s all done and you gotta go home.

And home we went. We went home wishing the messages were longer and somewhat stronger, we are strong people as you know, no caressing for us! Were quite euphoric as the team was super nice and very helpful and the place cray-zay! Only drawback is that we would have liked our treatments to leave a longer imprint.

Check the spa out whenever you are in the area!

Text & photos: Magda

Thanks to Level 4 Spa

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