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Summer is over but hey, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep stay in shape. It’s not only about looking good in a bikini but feeling healthier, stronger and with more energy. We want to feel all of this all year (but secretly or not, being able to eat all the burgers in the world and don’t feel bad about it). That’s why we are giving you our favorite Instagram accounts to follow and exercices to do. A little headsup : you don’t need a gym subscription. All of this can be done at home. So, no excuses ! Keep that summer body all year!

I’m sure you saw this one coming : Kayla Itsiness 7 minutes work-out.

Kayla is one of the most important fitness influencers and trainers loading up to 7 million followers on Instagram where she posts daily pics and videos of her work-outs and people following her gym routine transformations. She has developed an app that you can download and pay a subscription. Or, do as I do. Follow this link and find the amazing (and surprisingly not deadly) exercices that will make your abs shine and your arms as tonned as Gal Gadot’s.

For those ladies (or men) who want to have a behind as round as the peach emoji, we have the perfect plan for you and it will only take 8 minutes of your time ! We have to thank Cosmopolitan, again, for that

Now calling all our male readers, check out or follow him on Insta for some healthy inspo (ok, and for some dreaming vacay inspiration).

Getting out of bed to work out might seem a nightmare, but if you are going with someone, you can’t just stood them up. So, get a friend to work-out with ! And try all these amazing exercices : Friends who work-out together, stay together !

If you feel like none of these workouts are for you, try to check out Pinterest where you will find a tone of routines.

Whereas working out is important, the ultimate goal is to feel good with yourself. You are your biggest inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like a VS model or don’t have those shiny abs as long as you are healthy and happy. Every body is different. What works for some might not work for others. So, try to find a work-out that works best for you and share it with us ! What’s your favorite gym routine these days ?

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