Winter is coming…how to cope?

And here we go again. My colleagues cooked this one up for me. I get to give advice to people, moi, the first to cry about how cold it is outside! Winter depression here I go! But this time I have been challenged to get the depression out of my stream and fight it. So here goes Wonder Woman!

My advice for myself and all of you on how to cope with winter and fight depression during the cold season:

  1. Sugar = AVOID. No need to be depressed and fat. What more can I say here? Pointless to add anything else, we all get this.
  2. Gym=JOIN. See how easy it is’ We are at step two and already feel powerful and slim!
  3. Subscription=GO to the damn gym. Pointless to pay for the monthly subscription if your abs are still hidden
  4. Light=CHANGE he crazy fluorescent light box with a lighter softer one, so you don’t feel like all UFOs are shooting light down at you. No need to be on the spot light all the time. Only when you perform on the stage.
  5. Colors=WEAR all the bright colors you have and want. No need to wear blacks and grey just because outside is all you can see. Plus who gets noticed on the street in black and grey? Imagine fucsia in the middle of a snow storm! Damn I will move this up on my list! Gotta see this happening
  6. Outside=FORCE yourself. You need fresh air, this smart brain of yours needs to freeze up a bit and take a break. So take it out, get some vitamin D and why not, play with snow, if you can find it muhahaha
  7. Friends=HANG OUT. Again as last time, suck their energy! All of it!
  8. Holiday=SUN. Plan a holiday in the sun, make your itinerary and watch tons of documentaries to know what you will do. In no time you will find yourself packing and going! Whop Whoop!
  9. Vin chaud baby! It’s not a dream anymore! It is HAPPENING!
  10. Forgot this one, I am very into this number 9.

See you at all Christmas markets guys!

Text: Magda

Photos: Pixabay free bank image

Edition: Bruno Corrêa

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Magda is a dreamer & an enthusiastic writer, in love with turquoise and traveling. She dislikes artichokes, is an avid worker and goals achiever, a proud Romanian and a vintage enthusiast. Magda brings her love for retro and vintage pieces into a modern, creative and funny context both on Les Toiles and her own blog Magda Oltean

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